Did you know that MLS has the most comprehensive and up to date listing information of any real estate website in the greater Los Angeles area? That's because it is the source of listings and listing activity supplied by agents in the Greater Los Angeles Area and where other sites, like Redfin, Trulia, Zillow and get their listing information. Except for which publishes everything in real time, these other sites can be selective in what they print, how many photos they post and how often they update so you may not be getting the most accurate and current information. They also sell zipcodes to agents who may not be the listing agents and may not even know the property or work in those areas. Don't lose out on that great property. Get up to the minute listing information at MLS and connect with the agent who can tell you the most about the property, neighborhood and get you in to see it faster Or call us and we'll help you to find your dream home