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By Rose Ware

Los Angeles is a unique and diverse city, and its architecture is just as varied and exciting. David Gebhard and Robert Winter, authors of Architecture in Los Angeles, call it “The richest architectural region in the World”. From the bizarre to the sublime, from historical Adobe Bungalows to grand Andalusian Style Estates, it’s all here to enjoy in the City of Angels.

So whether you select a Mid-Century Neutra in Silverlake, a Fred Smathers Hacienda in Nichols Canyon, or a Legendary Charles Toberman Mediterranean in Outpost Estates, we know where to find that special home for you.

Forward your e-mail address to us and we can also let you know about Monthly Walking Tours of Historical Homes and Buildings, Special Screening and Museum Events. If you want to support L.A.’s rich cultural and architectural history, just join at any level and become a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy. You can be a part of their preservation efforts for the restoration of Classic Hollywood theatres and restaurants, as well as other L.A. landmarks like the Downtown Orpheum and Broadway Theatres, Union Station and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house in Los Feliz. For more info see the links below.

These are just few of the many Architectural styles found in the Hollywood Hills…


The International Style

The International Style of architecture emerged in the 1920s. Modern Architecture was developing in Western Europe. The eminent architects Le Corbusier in France and Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe in Germany devised a new architectural theory, in which “form follows function.” Abandoning tradition, they created a pared-down style, devoid of extraneous ornamentation, emphasizing geometric shapes and simple lines. It was significantly different from the prominent styles of previous eras — an architecture for the modern age.


Tudor Revival  Houses

Tudor Revival architecture (also known as “Tudorbethan”) emerged in England in the late 19th century, and was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, which rejected the new trend toward mass production and returned to the simple, handcrafted styles of medieval cottages and English country houses. The term “Tudorbethan” refers to the way this style combines elements of the Tudor period (1485–1603) with the English Elizabethan era and the Scottish Jacobean era of the early Renaissance. In the United States, the Tudor Revival Style is often referred to, confusingly, as “Queen Anne style,” although it combines aspects of the styles from monarchs other than Anne.


Spanish Architecture

The Spanish Colonial Revival Style of architecture came to prominence between 1915 and 1930, especially in California and Florida, where the Spanish colonization of the Americas was concentrated. Influenced by the opening of the Panama Canal, the Spanish Style is strongly regional in its expression of the local environment, history, and nostalgia, updated for a new era and the emerging Spanish-American culture.

American Bungalow

The ubiquitous, iconic American Bungalow house had its origins in Bengal, India, where one-story, thatched-roof houses were called “bangala.” The British who ruled India between 1858 and 1947 adopted the style for housing for British officials and retreat homes for wealthy colonists. Bungalow houses have very space-efficient floor plans, with a central living area, and dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom arranged around it. The style likely drew additional inspiration from rural English cottages and Army tents.


French Normandy Architecture

One of the most charming of the architectural styles found in the Hollywood Hills is the French Normandy or French Norman style. This romantic architecture is reminiscent of a true French Chateau. The French Normandy or French Norman style is named for architecture found in the Normandy province of France. At the time, people in Normandy and the Loire Valley of France attached their farm silos to the main living quarters instead of to a separate barn.

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