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The sign that read “Outpost” in neon letters 30 feet high was, like the original “Hollywoodland” sign, raised up to publicize a new housing development, Hillside Homes of Happiness.

Dolores Del Rio - One of the first celebrities to live in the Outpost neighborhood

Dolores Del Rio – One of the first celebrities to live in the Outpost neighborhood

In 1914 Charles E. Toberman acquired ten acres just west of La Brea and north of Hollywood Blvd for a $70,000 option from seller T.E. Gibbon, former vice president of the Salt Lake Railway. Mr. Tobermann, know as the “Father of Hollywood”, was responsible for such spectacular landmarks as Graumann’s Chinese Theater (now Manns Theatre), The Hollywood Bowl, El Capitan Theater, The Egyptian Theater and The Roosevelt Hotel. Mr. Toberman put in streets and the necessary grading and lighting, subdivided the acreage into lots and sold them for the unheard of price of $65 and $75 per front foot. The development, which would come to be called Las Colina Heights became one of his most successful developments. It featured many fine homes, built and sold by Toberman to families who desired the “ultimate in gracious living”.


Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Over the next twenty years, Mr. Toberman oversaw the development of Outpost Estates, a planned community which he regarded as his supreme achievement of the more than fifty-three subdivisions he developed in Hollywood.

In the early 1920′s, times were good… Mr. Toberman was in the midst of an extensive improvement program on tract #9408, the Outpost Drive and Outpost Circle area, the heart of his Outpost Estates. He had a vision of a planned residential community, a “jewel in the hills” and was determined to develop his dream. Architecture was limited to pure Spanish with sloped roofs of genuine kiln tiles. Flat roofs were strictly forbidden. He also implemented rigid building restrictions that required plaster wall construction, ensuring enduring strength and earthquake resistance. In fact, many of the original homes have survived all subsequent earthquakes with no discernable damage.

1922 Premiere – Grauman’s Egyptian

As a result of his design sense and attention to the latest refinements in living, luxurious homes and building sites in the area were in great demand. Outpost Estates was acclaimed far and wide, and Mr. Toberman continued to open new and carefully planned segments of this exclusive area. He was quoted in the newspapers as predicting a period of prosperous growth for all of Hollywood. And there truly seemed to be every indication of this.
The area has no shortage of luxurious, lavish and extravagant Spanish Baroque Revival Mediterranean estates. Perhaps the most notable are the Dolores Del Rio estate on Outpost Circle formerly owned by fashion designer Richard Tyler and the Drew Barrymore estate now owned by Juicy entrepreneur Gila. David Lynch and Bergman once shared a Lloyd Wright home here on La Presa for a time as did Ben Stiller.

Charles E. Toberman

In 1926, Mr. Toberman built his own “ultimate dream house” at 1847 Camino Palmero in Las Colinas Heights. His Spanish mansion, which is still there and recently restored, is set in acres of landscaped gardens at the end of a long driveway. The property features stately palm trees, an enclosed swimming pool, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor barbeques, a pitch and putt golf course and a horseshoe pitching range.


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