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Thinking of Hollywood Hills real estate?

Picture a tranquil haven in the center of Los Angeles between Downtown, the Valley and the Ocean with green hillsides and foothills dotted with an array of inspiring architecture, quiet meandering streets with canyon and city views colored by lush purple Jacaranda trees, blooming aromatic Jasmine, Gardenia and Crimson Bougainvillea vines. Where you can see Hawks

Want to Know more about the Neighborhoods that make up this “Oasis in the City”?

Here’s where you can find the Canyons and Neighborhoods that make up the Hollywood Hills and some links to local Homeowner Associations Los Feliz: from Griffith Park and Los Feliz to Western and Los Feliz north, The “Oaks”: from Fern Dell & Los Feliz to Canyon & Franklin north, Hollywood Oasis: from Foothill and Briarcliff north to Tuxedo Terrace and Canyon , Bronson Canyon: from Bronson and Franklin to Beachwood and Franklin north, Beachwood Canyon: from Beachwood and Franklin to Vine Street and Franklin north, Hollywood Land:Belden and Beachwood north on the east to Hollyridge on the west to Durand, Vine Hills and the Hollywood Dell: from Franklin and Vine Street to Cahuenga and Franklin north,Hollywood Knolls: Cahuenga West & Barham to Lake Hollywood & North Knoll south, Lake Hollywood Estates: From Lake Hollywood & Tahoe to Canyon Lake & Innsdale south, Hollywood Manor: from Barham and De Witt to Blair and Universal Studios east, Universal Hills: from Lankershim and Ventura to Bennett and Cahuenga West south, Whitley Heights: from Cahuenga and Franklin to Highland and Franklin north, Hollywood Heights: from Franklin and Highland to Sycamore and Franklin north, Outpost Estates: Franklin and Outpost to Franklin and La Brea north to Mulholland,Wattles Park: from La Brea and Franklin to Curson and Hollywood Blvd north, Nichols Canyon: from Genesee/Nichols Canyon and Hollywood Blvd to Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Blvd north to Mulholland,Mt. Olympus: from Nichols Canyon & Zorada to Hollywood & Laurel Canyon/Mt. Olympus east Laurel Canyon: from Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Blvd north to Mulholland & Allenwood south, Sunset Strip: from Laurel Canyon & Sunset to Doheny and Sunset north,Mulholland Corridor: Laurel Canyon and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson to Cahuenga West and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson South.

More Hollywood Hills Homes

[ebis-idx-listing_custom multiplezip="90068|90027|90028|90046|80906|90049|91403|90210|90077|90210" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="50" locations="Lake Hollywood Dr,Barham Blvd,N Cummings Dr,Hollywood Blvd,Whitley Ave,Franklin Ave,N Highland Ave,Hollywood Fwy,Mulholland Dr,Laurel Canyon Blvd,Woodrow Wilson Dr,Hercules Dr,Mt Olympus Dr,Stanley Hills Dr,Cahuenga Blvd W,Cahuenga Blvd E,N sycamore ave,N Orchid Ave,Frankline Ave,Sunset Plaza Dr,Londonderry Pl,Sunset Blvd,N Fuller Ave,N Martel Ave,N Vista St,N Gardner St,N Sierra Bonita Ave,N Curson Ave,N Stanley Ave,N Spaulding Ave,N Genesee Ave,N Ogdend Dr,N Orange Grove Ave,N Fairfax Ave,Sunset Blvd,Selma Ave,Hollywood Blvd,Nichols Canyon Rd,Wattles Dr,Curson Pl,Curson Terrace,Laurel Canyon Blvd,Hercules Dr,Mt Olympus Dr,Alta Loma Terrace,N Sycamore Ave,Hillcreast Rd,Scadlock Ln,Longbow Dr,Vista Haven Rd,Mulholland Dr,Antelo PL,Woodcliff Rd,Cody Rd,loadstone Dr,Jadestone Pl,Beverly Glen Blvd,Camino de la Cumbre,Coy Dr,Beresford Rd,Clerendon Rd,Weslin Ave,Dixie Canyon Ave,Firth Dr,Gibraltar Dr,Coldwater Canyon ln,Coldwater Canyon ave,Franklin Canyon Dr,Toyon Trail,Bowmont Dr,Betly Dearing Trail,Laurel Canyon Blvd,Done Pegita Dr,Woodrow Wilson Dr,Astral Dr,N Las Alturas St,Senalda Rd,macapa Dr,Baseline Treil,viso Dr,Sunny Cove"]
Local Links
Hollywood Dell Civic Assn.
Hollywoodland Homeowners Assn
Hollywood Community & Police Advisory
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
Hollywood Bowl 
Hollywood Star Homes
Whitleyheights residents assoc
Hancock park residents accoc
Yucca Corridor Coalition
Hollywood Knolls
Wonderland schoo
Hollywood Heritage
Franklin Hills Residents Assoc
Outpost Homeowners Assn. 
Los Feliz Improvement District
Beachwood Cnyn Neighborhood Assn.
Paramount Studios
Hollywood United Neighborhood
We Are Frequently Asked:
Q: How much is a home in the Hollywood Hills area?

Depending on whether you’re looking for a house or a condominium prices range widely, typically from $500k to several million, with many properties in the $800k to $1.5M range. Call us so pinpoint your needs and preferences and find you the right property!

Q: Where are the great architectural homes?

Los Angeles is a diverse and geographically large city with great history, and luckily there are distinctively styled homes all over the map. We have been selling homes in Los Angeles for over 30 years from Silver Lake to Malibu and have sold some amazing mid century and mediterranean style homes designed by John De Lario, Richard Nuetra, Stephen Hill, Cliff May, Val Powell, Elmer Grey, Robert Kinnard and Roy Thorgussen. Our extensive experience selling Estate & Architectural homes throughout those years has helped us gain an awareness of these architect-designed homes and we are constantly researching the multiple MLS databases to keep abreast of new listings coming on the market. As serious architectural enthusiasts we would love to help you find that particular architectural home that suits you.

Q. How do I get started?

If you’re interested in buying or selling property, please complete the registration form here
so that we can start helping you. If you are just interested in reading about some great houses sign up for our free newsletters via the Newsletter link at the very top of this page or click on the various architectural websites where you can research and download tons of information! See more at:

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