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mapWhen we started looking for a home, we tried other agents but only when we met Rose did we find an agent who was completely dedicated to finding us the home we wanted. Her knowledge and experience were apparent from the start. It was difficult to find something in our price range, as it was a seller’s market. Rose found several homes from which to choose and provided many options we hadn’t considered. She was familiar with the areas we were looking in . Once we found the homes we wanted, she made sure we got a fair deal from the seller. Rose has great problem solving abilities and had answers to all of our questions.

Throughout the buying process she was informative and gave us several good referrals. She seems to really enjoy her job and it shows in the service she provides her clients. She looked out for our best interests and guided us in the right direction to close on our home. We feel we found the home we wanted in Los Feliz and got the best deal because of Rose. We couldn’t have done it without her.”Elina Peterson & Yadi Morales”

“Life has finally settled down after moving , so I wanted to take a moment to write to you regarding Terry Canfield Schmidt & Rose Ware.

Terry & Rose represented me in the sale of my house on Crescent Drive in Los Angeles. What an absolutely 100% positive experience! They were professional in every sense of the word.. I was never left hanging every question (inane or otherwise) was answered instantly. They gave me confidence I would otherwise not have had in asking and getting an outstanding price for my house. Most importantly, they always made me feel as though I were their most important client. I stumbled upon Rose & Terry by chance through a web search. I am now covering Southern California with their business cards!”

You are fortunate to have two such amazing women working in your office. Thank you for your office’s excellent work and especially Terry & Rose’s remarkable work.

Best regards,

Brett Cimiotti

“What we learned during the sales process is that no matter how good of condition a house is in, the sale of a house really does require a lot of effort. We were very grateful to have two agents who knew the process well and consistently made themselves available through the showings, the offer, the site inspections, and the escrow process. The best testimonial we can offer is that almost a year after the sale of our house we would gladly engage Rose and Terry again”.

Paul Boetig & James Hamilton

“I was thrilled with Rose’s services – she is intelligent, resourceful, knowledgeable, a sympathetic listener, and a tireless worker. Perhaps most significantly, I never felt she was subordinating my interest to her own as I have felt with other agents whom I have dealt with in the past. I definitely intend to recommend Rose to my friends and associates.”

Steve Owens, Esq. Graham and Jones

“During the hectic and trying time of house hunting it was a blessing to have someone like Terry who would make sure that everything got done and got done right. Not only did she show a remarkable level of knowledge and professionalism, she was understanding and sympathetic to all we were going through. We found Terry a tough negotiator for our interests, but also somebody with the experience and sensitivity to handle a touchy deal when we found the house we wanted. Most importantly months after our deal was closed we found we were still consulting Terry about problems, and she was still helping us find solutions. We never imagined all the things that come up when you try to buy a house and we were so grateful to know that Terry Canfield would make sure that everything was taken care of. If everybody was like Terry the world would be a much happier and smoother running place.”

John Altschuler

“We had a long-distance transaction. The family was in New York and the estate was in Los Angeles. Having capable and thoughtful agent, who spent considerable time and energy finding solutions to any problems that arose, made all the difference in a successful sale.”

Evan Rothberg III, Esq. Estate of Robert Jahn

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