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Order a gorgeous fresh-cut tree for the holidays! These awesome trees are fresh-cut & shipped directly from a SERF Certified family-run sustainable tree farm to our school for pick-up. Order now for pick-up at Cheremoya Elementary School on December 12th. We thank you for your order! 100% of the proceeds will directly fund the Cheremoya Elementary School Garden program.

The day of pick-up we will have special events from our wonderful community partner Hollywood Orchard.

Nordmann Fir Trees

Premium Nordman Fir 4'5'With their thick, symmetrically arranged branches Nordmann Fir trees are perfect for displaying heavy or large ornaments such as glass and heirloom pieces. The Nordmann Fir’s dark green needles are short and smooth, and are covered in a waxy cuticle which prevents water loss. This coating on gives the tree a minimal fragrance, and is recommended when choosing a tree for individuals with allergies. They are especially long-lasting and even in warmer climates and have little or no needle loss throughout the holiday season. Thier tree needles have a subtle light-blue underside which lights up the appearance of the soft layered needles. 4’—5′

4′-5′ Nordmann Fir $35

Noble Fir Trees

Premium Noble Fir 7'8'Noble Fir trees are a gorgeous tree for the holiday. These trees have distinct spruce like appearance but the needles are soft to the touch. When displayed in the home for the holidays they are very durable with excellent needle retention. When you think of the classic holiday tree shape, this is it! These trees boast lush blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches. The defined branches of Noble Fir coupled with their rich green hue give them a lovely full and layered appearance as well as the ability to hold heavy ornaments such as traditional glass and heirloom ornaments beautifully with ease. These trees emits a lovely fir scent that lights up a room.
5′-6′ Noble Fir $70
6′-7′ Noble Fir $90
7′-8′ Noble Fir $100

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